Preston Parry, MD, MPH

Founder of Parryscope Fertility Testing

“Ashley Pittman has been my legal guru to turn to for a decade on embryo trust and other reproductive matters. She is professional, insightful, proactive and a joy to work with. Having grown up with a family full of attorneys, I can say few come close, and far fewer for reproductive expertise. Having had patients see her both from when I was in academics and in private practice, Ashley provides attentive care for the diverse array of patient needs and journeys. Also, she is fair for billing or even more accurately, lower cost than you would expect relative to the quality of her work. Where appropriate, I would encourage any and all reproductive specialists and parents-to-be to draw upon Ashley Pittman’s services- she does an amazing job!”

Valerie Landis

3-time egg freezer, founder of fertility website Eggsperience.com and Eggology Club podcast. 

“Preserving my eggs and fertility has always been important to me. I knew after I froze for the 3rd time that I needed to legally protect my eggs to the best of my ability to ensure my wishes would be carried out if anything should happen to me. Establishing a Fertility Trust with Ashley Pittman has allowed me to specifically state my will, intentions, and desires if I am no longer available to make decisions regarding my eggs. This direction would help my loved ones know exactly what I want to happen. The best part is how I’ve also been able to amend the trust to correspond with my life changes, which is very important to me. Ashley is very knowledgeable about the laws and regulations within the fertility field. She has helped guide me through some complicated decisions that I would not have been able to do alone or had not considered before. I feel strongly that if someone spends the hard earned money and effort to access egg freezing, cryopreservation, and preserve their DNA that they should also establish a Fertility Trust to ensure this essential part of their fertility journey is protected.”

Morgan W.

Establishing a fertility trust gave us peace of mind after the difficult process of infertility. It was so much easier than I expected.  Ashley Pittman had the process streamlined and was a pleasure to work with. We feel great knowing that our wishes will be carried out and our embryos cared for, no matter what happens in the future!”

Matthew Zachary

Founder of OffScrip Media & Stupid Cancer, Patient Advocate

“Ashley Pitman is the consummate advocate and authority figure representing the interests of millions of women facing infertility and family planning challenges. Having collaborated with her for over a decade, I attest to her credibility, reputation, and impact for changing the lives of so many in need.”

Greater Flexibility. Increased Protection. Peace of Mind.