Many clients are interested in donating their embryos after they feel their family is complete, or even after death.   By establishing a fertility trust, you are able to get very specific about the profile of the donees you may wish to receive your embryos.

Clinic and cryobank consent forms generally give patients the option to donate remaining embryos, but the options stop there.  If given the choice, wouldn’t most people like to decide what attributes their ideal donee may possess?   What if you would like to donate after a certain time period or event well after your death?  The consent form cannot survive death, but the fertility trust can.

Here are just a few of the considerations which can be addressed using a fertility trust to manage preserved embryos:

Married vs. Single.  Would your ideal donee be a married couple who is struggling with fertility, or possibly a single man or woman who has not found a life partner but yearns to have a family?

Religious preference.  If you value a certain religious preference or even a certain denomination, it’s possible to request that a donee shares these values.

Heterosexual vs. Homosexual.   You may feel strongly that the receiving couple is heterosexual, or alternatively, you may be sympathetic to the challenges that same-sex couples face in forming a family.

Geographical Restrictions.  If you feel that your family is complete, but you are considering donating your remaining embryos which are genetically related to your current children, you may consider restricting the geographical location of future donees to reduce the possibility that your current children will meet and possibly marry their relative.

These are just a few examples of how the fertility trust can be customized to meet the wishes of every client when considering donation of their embryos.  Not only can you express your wishes in writing, but you can name a trusted individual to carry out these specific wishes well after death.

What if your wishes change?  The fertility trust can be amended by you at any time while you are able.  You can remove, amend, and add additional wishes as often as you wish, which provides the greatest possible flexibility for the future of your preserved embryos.

Learn more about the benefits of the Fertility Preservation Trust or schedule a complimentary call with Ashley Pittman to discuss your unique wishes and how you can customize your fertility trust today.