Long term planning for the future of preserved embryos and gametes.

Reduces Legal Liability of Cryobanks

When circumstances such as divorce and death arise, the trust document, rather than your consent form or the consent form signed at the clinic, is the controlling document in the court proceeding. This greatly reduces the likelihood that the storage facility or clinic would be involved in the legal proceeding.

Provides Clarity and Security

Whether the patient is an oncology patient or has chosen to voluntarily cryopreserve, the trust allows the patient to provide very specific direction regarding maintenance and disposition in the event of disputes or changing life circumstances.  The trust helps the patient anticipate and address the issues which may arise in the future, and provide clear guidance through the trust document.   This provides security to both you and the patient. 

Peace of Mind for All Involved

With the plethora of options regarding disposition, donation, and disposal, storage facilities benefit greatly from clarity and precise instructions. Life circumstances change, and the trust can change along with them. This provides security to both the storage facility and the patient.

Reduces the Risk of Abandoned Embryos in Cryobanks

The trust allows the patient to name a third party to maintain the embryos in storage after death, if the patient so wishes.  A patient may also fund the trust with liquid assets after death and instruct the third party to continue payment of storage fees for a specified period of time after death.  This greatly reduces the common problem of cryobanks absorbing storage costs after the patients are no longer able to pay.

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