Now you can customize a special trust for your frozen embryos and genetic material to reflect your unique maintenance and disposition wishes for the future.

As Life Changes,
so do your wishes.

As your wishes change,
so can your trust.

Why A Fertility Trust?

  • A fertility trust can expand your maintenance and disposition options beyond those previously offered to you
  • You control your fertility trust. You can amend it, or terminate it, at any time.
  • Easily add or change the beneficiaries, term of the trust, or specific wishes regarding disposition.
  • Amend the trust to address life changes, such as marital status, to keep your wishes current.
  • A trust can survive your death, or not, it’s up to you.
  • Having clearly written intentions is crucial when a court may be involved.  Insufficient or ambiguous consent forms can lead to inconsistent court rulings.
  • Every state has established trust law, and judges recognize the protection offered by legal trusts.
  • Since trust assets are not probate assets, a trust can shelter your genetic material from a probate proceeding.  Your wishes are carried out per the terms of the trust, not the court.
  • You can appoint someone to serve as Trustee if you are unable to serve, which ensures someone is available to pay storage fees or sign storage contracts on your behalf.
  • If you wish to maintain storage for the benefit of future generations, or for as long as possible, your fertility trust may continue to exist for up to 360 years in the future.
  • Limit confusion regarding your wishes by providing loved ones with specific written instructions.
  • If you are interested in future donations, what characteristics or life circumstances would your ideal donee possess?  Address marital status, geographic location, religious affiliation, and other characteristics in your fertility trust.
  • It’s very important to have written instructions as to whether or not you intend to be the parent of any child conceived after your death.  This can determine the child’s eligibility for governmental benefits and inheritance rights.
  • The Fertility Preservation Trust can guide you through important decisions which may affect future generations.

Many clients are interested in preserving their DNA for as long as possible in hopes that medical advancements may allow their DNA to benefit family members in the future.  Gene therapy promises to offer a precise means of permanently curing monogenic diseases, which are caused by an error in a single gene. Monogenic diseases include cystic fibrosis, the hemophilias, and hemoglobin disorders such as sickle cell disease. It is also anticipated that gene therapy will one day enable the treatment of a host of inherited or acquired disorders such as cancer, AIDS, and many others for which there is currently no cure.


Mitochondrial replacement therapy (MRT) is a new form of reproductive in vitro fertilization (IVF) that works on the principle of replacing abnormal mitochondrial DNA which is found in a woman’s egg with the donor’s healthy DNA in order to prevent the mother from passing mitochondrial diseases to the child. MRT has been approved in the United Kingdom for the limited purpose of preventing mitochondrial disease, and is being considered for approval in Australia and Singapore.  MRT has yet to be approved in the United States, but many are hopeful that the FDA will consider this practice in the near future. 

What People Are Saying

Ashley Pittman is the consummate advocate and authority figure representing the interests of millions of women facing infertility and family planning challenges. Having collaborated with her for over a decade, I attest to her credibility, reputation, and impact for changing the lives of so many in need.

– Matthew Zachary, Founder of OffScrip Media & Stupid Cancer, Patient Advocate

Establishing a fertility trust gave us peace of mind after the difficult process of infertility. It was so much easier than I expected.  Ashley Pittman had the process streamlined and was a pleasure to work with. We feel great knowing that our wishes will be carried out and our embryos cared for, no matter what happens in the future!

– Morgan W. — Fertility Preservation Trust Client

Preserving my eggs and fertility has always been important to me. I knew after I froze for the 3rd time that I needed to legally protect my eggs to the best of my ability to ensure my wishes would be carried out if anything should happen to me. Establishing a Fertility Trust with Ashley Pittman has allowed me to specifically state my will, intentions, and desires if I am no longer available to make decisions regarding my eggs… Read More

— Valerie Landis, 3-time egg freezer, founder of fertility website and Eggology Club podcast. 

Ashley Pittman has been my legal guru to turn to for a decade on embryo trust and other reproductive matters. She is professional, insightful, proactive and a joy to work with. Having grown up with a family full of attorneys, I can say few come close, and far fewer for reproductive expertise… Read More

— Preston Parry, MD, MPH, Founder of Parryscope Fertility Testing

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